IN Guriú, you can experience the ultimate blend of nature, relaxation, kitesurf and adrelaline.

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Guriu Kite school is located 300 meters from Casa Uca.The spot, situated between the beaches of Jericoacoara and Tatajuba, is easily accessible by road or by canoe, depending on the conditions and the affluence. The school has been founded by Edinardo Da Silva (@guriukiteschool), in partnership with Casa Uca. People like to call “Familia Guriu Kite” all the native kids from Guriu who are always around helping at the beach with anything and waiting for an opportunity to pick-up a kite.
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Seaside Serenity: Paddle Adventures

Embark on a tranquil paddleboarding adventure along Guriu's pristine shores with Casa Uca. Discover coastal beauty, bask in the sun, and relish the serene Brazilian coastline. Join us for an unforgettable paddle experience.
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A dune buggy ride in the nearby dunes

Embark on an exhilarating dune buggy adventure with Casa Uca. Discover the thrill of traversing sandy landscapes, feel the rush of the wind. Join us for an unforgettable buggy experience that combines excitement, nature and exploration.
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Escape to a world of unparalleled tranquility with our exclusive beach dinners. As the sun sets over the horizon, immerse yourself in the warm glow of a crackling fire, the rhythmic sounds of the waves. A unique experience of being alone in the world, creating memories that will linger long after the embers fade away. At Casa Uca, our exclusive beach dinners offer an unforgatable escape where the only company you need is the beauty of nature itself.